I would like to describe the appearance of the famous singer Madonna. It is not my favorite singer, but she changes her appearance very often, so itТs interesting to describe one of her appearances. I will describe her as she looks on this picture.
She wears her hair long. She dressed her hair. It is waved. She parts her hair in the middle. She has flaxen hair, but I guess it is not her natural color. As far as I know in fact, she is brunette. She has the frank features. Her face is oval. She is light-skinned, she donТt have a tan. Her forehead is domed. Her brows are arched, they are thin. I think she has curly lashes & I think that her eyes are blue & close-set because I canТt see them well on this picture. Her nose is snub & not very big. Her lips are parted & painted, mouth is not big & is not tiny, her smile is winning. Her teeth are regular. She has hollow cheeks. I canТt see her ears because of the hair so I canТt describe them. She has a small chin.
She is of medium height, slender, delicately built, able-bodied, graceful, refine (из¤щный, утонченный), her waist is thin. I think it is because she goes in for sports. Her shoulders are rather broad. Her hands are crooked in the elbows & wrists, so I canТt see their form. Her fingers & nails are long & well groomed (ухоженные). Her arms are painted. Her voice is high.
She is wearing black clothes maybe made from skin.
She is in her forties, she looks her age. I think she looks well because she has inner beauty.

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