I live in Yekaterinburg situated in the Central Ural near the border between Europe and Asia. Our city is one of the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centers.
It was founded in 1723 by the order of Peter the Great. Tatichev was the founder. Our region is rich in natural resources. So heavy industry prevails in our city. The largest plant is Uralmash Works. Among other big enterprises there are Electric Engineering Plant, Ural Chemical works, Turbo-Motor Works, Cosmetic Factory, etc.
The population of our city is about 2 mln. residents. Many thousand of students study at its higher schools such as Mining Academy, State University, the Pedagogical University, the Forest Engineering Academy, the Ural Institute of Humanities etc. There are a lot of secondary schools, vocational schools, technical colleges, scientific-research institutes & the Ural center of Academy of Sciences of Russia.
Yekaterinburg is also an important cultural center of our country. The citizens & quests of the city can visit 5 theatres, cinemas.
Our city is beautiful in its own way. Its not very old but there are some splendid mansions of the 19th centuty. The Rastorguev Palace is situated in the center of city on a large hill. Just opposite it there was the famous Ipatyev house. One of the most tragic events in the Russian history is connected with this place. The last Russian tsar & whole his family were shot there by the order of bolshevic government.
There are some other places of interest in our city: the Art Museum, the picture gallery, the mansions of famous writers Bashov & Mamin-Sibiryak, Geological & Historical Museums, a lot of monuments & parks.
All buildings of government are situated in the center of city.
The main street is Lenin avenue, all meetings and demonstrations are kept there.
My favorite place in Yekaterinburg is plotinka. I think that it is favorite place of many young people. I like this place only when its warm outside. We walk there with my friends, go to cafes which are uncountable there especially in summer.
I like my city very much but my dream is to travel & see other cities & countries because it is very interesting to feel the atmosphere of a city or country where you have never been yet & see its monuments & places of interest

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