During the past hundred years, the radio, cinema and now television have made very great changes in the entertainments with which people fill their free time. In general we dont have any spare time during the week, because our work keeps us busy. And we look forward to the weekend, so when it comes we like to really let loose and we try very hard to have a good time.
Nowadays you can hear music everywhere, there are lots of radio stations playing music non-stop and you can choose what you like best. Laser discs and cassettes with all kinds of music are on sale
classical, pop, rock, techno, house, what not. Of course, theres a possibility to listen to live music too you can go to a rock show or philharmonic orchestra concert. Everything depends on your tastes. All in all, its useless to speak about music or try to analyze it its better just to listen and enjoy.
Television helps us to visit different countries, see new animals and unusual birds, or to find out something about other nations. Nowadays were entertained by professionals. We can just sit comfortably at home and watch the best players without going outside. Im not a TV addict, I prefer radio because you can do something and listen to it at the same time. Mostly I listen to music.
Not so long ago people went to the cinema frequently, but the way that many people watch films has changed in resent years. People seldom go to the cinema, they mostly take films at home. Watching a film at home can be very convenient and a lot chipper.
Theatre is one of the most ancient and interesting forms of art. People impersonate other, mostly imaginary, people. This is all very strange, and what may be the purpose of this? I guess its done for fun, but not only for that. The audience is shown some highly emotional situations with which
people sympathize, putting themselves in the place of characters. People ask themselves questions, experience emotions, think. Of course to experience theatre you have to go to a theatre. That is why I grab every opportunity to go to the theatre, which is not very often, unfortunately.

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