When I became more grown up, Ive realized that a group of people who have the same name & sit together in front of a TV set isnt yet a family.
The English are a nation of stay-at-home. There is no place like home,-
they say. And when man isnt working he is at home in the company of his wife & children.
A typical British family used to consist of mother, father & two children.
Since the low made it easier to get a divorce, the number of divorces has increased. This means that there are a lot of one-parent families. However, the majority of divorced people marry again, & they sometimes take responsibility for a second family.
Now the people marrying latter: the average woman gets married at 24. Mrs. Average now has her first child at the age of 27, but she will have only one or two children: only one mother in four has more.
The majority of the British population lives in small houses built close together. A typical house of this kind is with two floors.
Members of a family keep in touch, but they see less of each other than they used to. This is because people often move away from their hometown to work.
In Russia over 80 per cent of women & about 70 per cent of men marry by the age of 25. Every year about one million families break up. About 50 per cent of divorces do not to remarry. Over 50 per cent of divorced men remarry within a period of ten years, while 25 per cent of such women do so.
The young families have material difficulties. As a result, young couples often have to rely on the assistance of their parents. Most of young people dont wish to live together with their parents after they get married but about half of them have to do this. As a result these young people have no necessary experience in family life.
The Russian & the English family have little differences.

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