Everybody wants to be healthy and keep fit and everybody knows how to do it but almost nobody do it. Although you know how to do it I will tell you.
At first in order to keep fit you should get vitamins. Many people have vitamin deficiency, especially in winter, spring and autumn. So they have different deceases and hurts and feel not very good.
You should have meal right. You must not have too much food during one meal because you would feel bad inside and outside, your intestine would be bad, you would have metabolic decease. During one meal you should have not more than 200 grams of food, between the meals it must be timespan 4 6 hours. Also you must clean your organism.
Ministry of Health warns: smoking harms your health. And, of course, you should not drink too much, it is called alcoholism, it is harmful at first for your liver.
The best way to have slim figure for women is such kinds of sports as aerobics, gymnastics, shaping. Men can go in for bodybuilding. Every morning you should do morning exercises, have cold and worm shower severally.
There are many other active kinds of sports which can keep you fit, for example lawn tennis, football, basketball, hockey, yachting and many others.
You should often go outside and have fresh air. But in cities air is not very fresh, so you can go to the country sometimes or you can go hiking.

Keep fit!

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