Football a sport game in team where sportsmen use special dribbling and handling to partners by legs and any other part of body but hands to try to score into competitors goal as many times as possible in determined time. There are 11 men in team including goal-keeper.
The playground is usually barred and has sward.
The play time is 90 minutes (two 45 minutes chukkers with a 10-15 minutes break).
Unlike other games with ball only the goal-keeper is allowed to handle it (inside of penalty area), the rest of players can handle the ball on outthrowing it from the side line.
The rule offside appreciably influence on football tactics a sportsman on a part of competitors field is allowed to receive a ball subject to between them and goal line there are not less than two competitors, including goal-keeper.
Penalty kicks at the ball are ordered (subject to competitors keeping back from it not less than 9 metres) for infraction; 11 meter shot (penalty) is ordered for infraction of the penalty area, only the goal-keeper standing on their line defends a goal.
Standing order of some football competitions allows for an extra period or penalty series when there is dead heat in order to elicit winners; for nursery and youth teams there is game time and field fall off.

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