This story is about the man who revived another man.
Victor Frankenstein spent his childhood in Geneva. One day Victorís mother died and he promised to himself that nobody who was loved by him would die.
He went to other town to the University to study anatomy. There he met the professor who taught him many things about anatomy. When he came to the professorís house he saw many different unknown instruments. Later Victor began to put everything he found out into his dairy.
Than the professor died and Victor decided to check his experience Ė he decided to revive him. He took the professorís brain and some parts of body he took from other dead people. His experiment was successful Ė the body animated. But this body was very ugly. It ran away.
When the Body found out itself in the town everybody got afraid of it and began to beat it. The Body hardly could run away from town. It was in Victorís clothes, in they he found the dairy where Victor made his notes about the experiments. The Body decided to revenge Victor.
Some years later Victor graduated from the Institute, returned home and got married. The Body killed his wife and his son.
Once Victor went to the search trip and died there. Body was there too, it said Victor had been its father. Then it set on fire itself and Victorís body.
I think that the main idea of this film is that you mustnít revive those people who are loved by you, you only have to remember them.
As for me I didnít like this film at all because I donít like films where people are cut and their organs are taken from them. For me it is a horror film and I donít like horror films.

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