1. The population is fairly small
2. She works indoors all day
3. Last year she was trained to be a secretary
4. I didnt dire to speak to him frankly
5. You promised me for Saturday
6. I cannot find the words
7. She is interested in farming
8. You cant have hair like that
9. They only stress what nature meant
10. Im looking for a dress
11. That doesnt sound very slimming
12. Agriculture is their main occupation
13. The very idea of it.
14. Scotland is a mountainous region
15. It is a very wise choice
16. We are involved in farming
17. Her family is slightly lager than average
18. I just cant quite manage it
19. I am just going
20. I didnt quite catch that
21. Shall I pass them to Robert?
22. Do it again
23. Thanks awfully
24. Ive enjoyed myself enormously
25. Come and stay with us again soon
26. Have a heart
27. Keep trying
28. Eat it up
29. Stay as long as you can
30. Divide groups into two teams
31. Turn the heads to the right
32. Are you quite well-prepared for your exams?
33. Is Paris as large as London?
34. You surely not frightened
35. Does the University course last four years?
36. Its the absolute truth
37. Stuff and nonsense
38. Some flowers for you
39. He didnt say a word
40. How sweet of you
41. Well done! Nice work
42. What a pleasant surprise
43. Fancy that! Extraordinary
44. Very many happy returns of the day!
45. Pity. Silly girl
46. Marvelous! Splendid! Good!
47. How awful!
48. How very unusual!
49. Very good indeed
50. What a shame!

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