The main characters are Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, and Lord Henry.
One day the artist Basil Hallward was introduced to the young man whose name was Dorian Gray. Basil liked Dorian very much & offered him to sit for his picture. When Dorian set for Basil last time Basil introduced him to his friend Lord Henry. When B. finished the picture he presented it to D. It was the best Basils work. Since that day D. & L.H. became friends. Henry had bad influence on D.
Some days later D. said that he had been in love with beautiful actress Sibyl Vane & offered H. & B. to go to the theatre & look at her & her play. That day Sibyl played very bad because she understood that she neednt theatre with D., but when D. saw her bad play he fell out of love with her. He said her that he didnt want to see her any more. Next day he found out that Sibyl had made suicide. He felt bad about it. But H. said to him that he must think about it how about the play. Then Dorians portrait had altered first time: there was the touch of cruelty round the mouth. D. took this portrait to the room where nobody lived, locked it & the key carried always with himself. Next years the portrait continued alter & D. didnt change. These years D. did many bad things.
When D. was 38 he met B. He showed B. the picture & killed him.
Some years later he decided to be good & for it he decided to destroy the picture. He seized the knife & stabbed the picture with it. There was a cry of heard & he fell on the floor. When servants entered they found on the wall a lovely portrait of their master as they had last seen him in all his youth & beauty. Lying on the floor was a dead man with a knife in his heart. He was ugly & wrinkled.

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