IF TOMORROW COMES, Sidney Sheldon (Analysis)

I would like to discuss an extract from the book If tomorrow comes. The story belongs to a famous writer Sidney Sheldon. I have already read a story of this author Chances. I was very much impressed by that book and this book is also very interesting. The author knows how to develop the plot to intrigue the reader and to make him keep reading further and further. Having familiarized myself with his books I couldnt help getting interested with this author and I will certainly read more of his books.
The author doesnt show us the interior of characters in details. Mostly he describes the events and how an ordinary person behaves in this or that situation. I think the main idea of the book is the following: everything that happens is for the better. At the beginning of the book it seemed that the Tracys future is to be a wife a rich man. But in her life there are many changes that make her another, strong person and the following events show that there are not so many good, loyal people and there are much cruelty and iniquity. Her bridegroom appeared to be a weak person who doesnt want to do anything to help her because he is afraid for the reputation of his family, a strange person makes her mother a bankrupt and takes Tracy to prison for 15 years, at her work nobody believes in her faultlessness and in other places there are problems with job etc. But there are good people who believe in her and help her.
Tracy becomes somebody like Robin Hood. She robs rich people who earned their money rascally. But unlike Robin Hood she doesnt give these money to poor people, she spends it on herself. I think it is quite just to divide your money with robbers like you.
One more idea of the book is the following: everything returns to people and someday justice gets its way.
The language of the book is simple enough. While reading I gathered the impression that it was told by a simple story-teller. Here we can find lexics from different spheres: law, official, conversational lexics, literal language. The narrator tells us a story in the form of monolog and all the conversations are shown in the form of dialog.

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