This film is about a woman who finds a job as a governess in a house and strange things happen in this house.
Mrs. Walkerís husband who was a schoolmaster and much older than she. He died not so long ago. Therefore, she is looking for a job. The uncle of the children gives her a job as a governess in a house in the country. Childrenís mother and father died. However, childrenís uncle warns Mrs. Walker that it is not ordinary work and it will be entirely her responsibility. But she has not children and she wants this work very much. It is her first work as a governess.
So she comes to her new house. It is an enormous house with a huge garden around it. She is met by housekeeper Mrs. Gross and girl Flora (Flora has a brother named Miles, he studies at school in the city). Suddenly she sees a woman in the window but nobody else sees herÖ
Flora shows Mrs. Walker around the house. Suddenly Flora disappears from Mrs. Walkerís sight and she begins to look for Flora. While looking for Flora, Mrs. Walker finds a room where nobody livesÖ
Some days later Mrs. Walker receives the letter from Milesís headmaster: Miles behaves badly, skips classes and has no friends. So they take Miles home. Miles is very glad to return home.
Mrs. Walker writes the letter to Milesís headmaster where she says that she can not believe Miles was very bad in school. While writing the letter she sees a man in the mirror, she is very frightened. Then she turns her head to the door and sees MilesÖ
Next day she sees a man on the tower of the house. After this, she asks the cook if somebody else lives in the house, the cook says no. Every time she sees a man or a women children are not far from her and they are laughing.
One day Mrs. Walker tells Mrs. Gross everything she saw and described a man (long curly black hair, cold eyes, a black jacket). Mrs. Gross says it is Peter Quint, he worked in the house and he died.
In the evening, Mrs. Walker goes to Floraís room to say her good night. While speaking to Flora she hears somebody playing a melody at the piano. She goes to see who it was, but Flora calls her and asks to kiss her. The music stops and in the room where the piano stays is nobody. Then she goes to Milsesís room, he speaks strange thingsÖ
Next day Mrs. Walker talks to Mrs. Gross. She says that once she saw a man in the window and he seems was looking for Miles. Mrs. Gross says that Miles and Peter Quint were the best friends and Peter was charge in everything and with children too. He died of falling from the tower.
One day Mrs. Walker enters the room where Miles is playing the piano and she talks to him. Then she goes for a walk with Flora to the garden. Miles looks at them through the window, then he comes back to the piano and plays the melody sounded at nightÖ
Sitting in the garden near the lake with Flora, Mrs. Walker sees a woman she saw when she came to this house. Later Mrs. Walker finds out

that a womanís name was Elisabeth Jessel, she loved Flora very much, was afraid of Peter Quint and she drowned in the lake.
Mrs. Walker goes to the room where nobody lives again. There she finds a book where was a note:
ďTo my love Peter, Forever yours Elizabeth JesselĒ
Then the house cleaner enters, she says that it was Peter Quintís room, she also says that Peter always played piano the melody and she sings it. Mrs. Walker learns the melody sounded that night. Then Mrs. Gross enters, she is very angry and she tells Mrs. Walker not to enter that room any more.
At night, Mrs. Walker hears Flora crying. She goes to Floraís room. But passing Milesís room she hears voices of Flora and Miles. She enters the Milesís room and sees Flora is in Milesís bed with him. She takes Flora to her room. Then she goes out of Floraís room and sees Peter Quintís ghost calls herÖ
One night she hears the melody again, she goes to look who it is but there is nobody there. She is going to her room when suddenly she hears somebody crying. She turns: it is Elizabethís ghost. She is going to her room again but Peter Quintís ghost enters and comes up to Elizabethís ghost and they kiss and Peter calls Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Walker runs awayÖ
One night she wakes up from a nightmare and hears Flora laughing. She goes out from her room and sees Flora standing by the window. Mrs. Walker looks through the window and sees Miles is outside. She takes him in his room, Miles says that they wanted to play a joke. Then he kisses her lips and she sees that Miles becomes PeterÖ
Next day she packs her suitcases. Flora enters, begins crying and asks her not to leave them. Mrs. Walker agrees. Then she asks Mrs. Gross to help children with her. They look through the window at the children and understand that they are not Miles and Flora, they are Peter and Elizabeth now. Mrs. Gross says that Elizabeth was nice and Peter was monster.
Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Gross decide to write a letter to childrenís uncle. Then Mrs. Walker asks Miles to tell her everything he knows. He asks her to listen him playing piano. He began playing a melody, she praised him, but then he began playing that melody. She realizes that Flora is with Elizabeth now. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Gross go outside to look for Flora. They find her. Mrs. Walker sees Elizabeth. She asks Flora if she sees Elizabeth. Flora begins to cry and scream. She does not stop crying and scream so they have to sent her to her uncle.
Then Mrs. Walker asks Miles to say to Peter go away, he says, Peter goes away but Miles diesÖ

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