The year is divided into four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each season has its good & bad sides. But we canít forget that in different countries, even in different parts of the country the climate is different. ęOther countries have a climate, in England we have weatherĽ Ė the English say, because the weather changes more often than in other countries. British winters are mild & springs are cool because of the winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean. They blow 2 days out of every 3.
In spring sunshine & showers follow each other so often during the day that an umbrella or a raincoat is absolutely necessary in England. The weather in spring is generally mild but sometimes the days are really cold.
Both in Russia & in England summer is the hottest season. Itís time for holidays. People go to the seaside to sunbathe, to swim. In our country it usually gets hot in July. Most of vegetables & plants can die from the drought if they arenít washed. The summer nights are short, but they are wonderful.
As for autumn it isnít so nice. Itís a season of winds & beautiful sunsets. The leaves turn yellow & reddish & fall to the ground & the birds migrate to warm countries. A spell of sunny weather in September is called Indian Summer or ďGolden AutumnĒ. In England September & October are warm & dry, but November is the foggiest month. In our country autumn is a season of windy miserable chilly days especially in October. Though autumn is full of colours, itís dull & rainy.
In winter in England they have all sorts of weather. Sometimes it rains & sometimes it snows. In England it isnít so cold in winter as in our country & they donít get so much snow as we get here in Russia. The rivers in England never freeze, thatís why children there go skating very seldom. When there are 8 degrees of frost in England everyone complains on the cold. In our country winters always cold. Children go skating & skiing, make snowmen & throw snowballs & sometimes they come home having their hands frost bitten. Sometimes when itís very cold you can see a wonderful tracery on your windows. Winter isnít so rich in colours: itís mostly white & grey.
Oh, I nearly forgot to say that the worst thing about the climate in England is thick fog. Itís sometimes so thick that cars may run into one another.
Each season is good in itís own way but my favorite season is summer. Because you can go to the seaside, swim & sunbathe & eat more fruits & vegetables.

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