Usually on weekdays I get up at 6.30 & my working day begins. Im not an early riser, thats why its very difficult for me to get out of bed. I switch on my type-recorder & go to have breakfast. It
is usually a cup of tea & a sandwich. Then I go to the sauna: there I wash my face & clean my teeth. After that I go to my bedroom to get dressed, do the make-up & brush my hair. After that I put on my coat, take the bag & go to the Institute.
I leave the house at 7.50 & go to the nearest bus stop. It usually takes me nearly an hour to get to my Institute. Our lessons usually begin at 9.00. I am usually at the Institute till 12 oclock. But sometimes I have to stay at the Institute longer. Then I go home & have dinner.
After dinner I have a short rest & watch TV. Then I do my homework. It usually takes me about 4 hours to do my homework.
Then I watch TV again & have supper at the same time. At about 12 I go to bed. As a rule I have no free time on my weekdays.

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